Sean Halverson
Sean Halverson knows an emerging opportunity when he sees one. He's gone big into cryptocurrency. He has been contributing towards ICO Advisory and Start-Up since a couple of years. With his experience, he decided to study the cause and effects of fluctuations in the cryptocurrency market and to share his knowledge with the crypto enthusiasts.
Justin Danneman
Justin has built his career around digital marketing, online gaming and finance. He currently oversees all the content published on Bitcoin Chaser, in particular the news and analysis. To know more about Justin, follow him on Facebook.
Paul Walsh
Paul is the creator and host of ‘The Coinversation’, a podcast that focuses on the developments of cryptocurrency, interviewing a wide range of experts and entrepreneurs as well as building upon the work of Bitcoin Chaser’s analysts. To know more about Paul, follow him on Twitter.
Gleb Kostarev
Aside from having a great passion for travel and the outdoors, Gleb is an avid consumer of any kind of information related to bitcoin, blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies. To know more about Gleb, follow him on Twitter.
Leon Gaban
Leon is a FullStack Developer, Cryptocurrency Investor, Global Citizen who wandered into Blockstream, and is currently trying to produce a prototype and spec for bitcoin lightning. To know more about Leon, follow him on Twitter.
Julien Buty
Julien Buty is a Software Engineer and currently living in Beijing, China. Currently, he’s traveling through Asia promoting Bitcoin & Blockchain technologies and writing about its communities. To know more about Julien, follow him on Twitter.